Closed from 24th to 29th December & New Years Day

Welcome to Moody Sow, the brainchild of Rhys Edwards, 4th generation farmer and his wife Alyona.

At the turn of the 1900’s Rhys’ great,great, great grandfather and his brother were a farmer and butcher team called the Gerrish’s with shops in both Rumney and Cardiff Market. Back then they could tell you what breed, how long the meat had been aged, and know the farmers by name.

In keeping with this tradition, Rhys has decided to do it all again, showcasing the best in artisan food and drink that Wales and the surrounding area has to offer in a 2000 sq ft purpose-built contemporary farm shop.

The Farm shop is the latest addition to our long established farm park.

A visit to Cefn Mably Farm Park provides an increasingly rare opportunity to meet and interact with a large variety of friendly farm animals in any weather and at any time if the year.

Our park was created with children in mind and provides lots of opportunities for them to observe the animals closely in an enjoyable and safe manner.

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    Welcome to Moody Sow’s new website

    Our philosophy is to bring to you locally produced products either from our own farm or from local farms that we consider the best in quality and taste, that meet high welfare standards and traceability and that are fed traditionally to give that traditional taste. Our beef is matured for a minimum of 21 days [...]